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About the road toll projects

E6 Trondheim – Stjørdal (previously E6 East) 
  • On March 31st 2010 at 12PM the manual service toll booths on E6 Trondheim – Stjørdal was updated from manual service to automatic solutions.
  • The road toll projects purpose is to establish a new main approach road to Trondheim east as a part of the road toll system around the city. This is contributing to a local development in Stjørdal and creates a better navigability for motorists. This opened in 2014. 
  • The road toll project consists of 3 toll stations. 


Miljøpakken (Greener Trondheim)
  • On March 31st 2010 at 12PM collection started in Miljøpakkens toll stations in Trondheim. 
  • Miljøpakken is a collaboration between the Municipality of Trondheim, the County of Sør Trøndelag and the Government road administration. During the fifteen years from 2010 onwards more than 7 billion NOK will be invested to improve the transportation system in Trondheim and the approach roads in to the city. 
  • On March 17 2014 Miljøpakken step 2 was opened.
  • The project consist of 21 toll stations.
  • On June 1 2018 Miljøpakken step 3 was opened.