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Agreement related questions with answers

Where do I find an overview over my invoices and my payment information?

If you have an agreement, you will find an overview of your invoices and your payment information on "My page".

Click on the agreement in question, for instance “Account no. 1″. Your latest invoices will be at the bottom of the page, where you will also find payment information. By pressing “Show invoice” you can see the invoice, the passages and appendix with VAT-refund if available.

How do I terminate my agreement?

Termination of the agreement must be in written form, either by "MyPage"  or our contact form.

Information about refunds of deposit and account balance will be given when we have received the notification of termination.

How do I remove a vehicle from the agreement?

Login to "MyPage". You can remove the vehicle from your agreement by clicking on the red box “Fjern Kjøretøy” (“Remove Vehicle”). Fill in which vehicle you wish to remove, and then click “Fjern” (“Remove”).

Please note that the tag is still active and you can be charged for passages with the tag. The tag must be removed from the car.

By returning the tag to us, the agreement on the vehicle will be terminated and the tag deposit will be refunded.

If you wish to use the tag in different car, you can keep the tag and re-open it again on the new vehicle.

How do I collect passage details?

Passage details can be collected on "MyPage".

Click on the agreement in question. If you require passage details for a specific period, click on “Vis passeringer” (“Show passages”).

If you require passages connected to a specific invoice, click “Vis” (“Show”) on the invoice in question.

How do I add a vehicle to an existing agreement?

Log on to "MyPage". Click on the existing agreement and press “Add vehicle”. Enter information regarding the vehicle and press save.

If you wish to be invoiced separately for the new vehicle, please do as follows:

  • Log on to your existing agreement on MyPage.
  • Press “New account”
  • You will see a map, choose the toll company you wish to make a new agreement with
  • Choose agreement type.
  • Click on this agreement and press “Add vehicle”.
  • Enter information regarding the vehicle and press save.

The agreement is valid from the day you entered into it even if you haven’t received your tag yet. It will normally take 7-10 working days until you receive the tag in the mail.

How do I change the registered vehicle on my agreement?

You can change your vehicle via "My Page", the change applies from the day the change is made.
In the event of a change of vehicle, the customer as a contracting party is responsible for the accrued transit rate until a change of vehicle has been received by the toll company.

  • Log in to MyPage.
  • Click the light blue field “Edit number plate”.
  • Fill in the relevant information and click “Complete”.
  • The change is registered.

Forgotten your password? Have it sent to you by email.


Time-differentiated rates

In Miljøpakken the rates are time-differentiated. This means that passages made in the time periods 07-09 and 15-17 are charged differently. (Rush hour)

  • Some toll stations costs Kr 10.00 for one passage (vehicle under 3.500kg)
    - When passing in the periods 07-09 and 15-17 it is double the price pr passage.
    - If you have an Agreement you get 10% discount.
  • Some toll stations cost Kr 8.00 for one passage (vehicle under 3.500kg).
    - Same price all day.
    - In these toll stations you get 20% discount if you have a Agreement, but you get no discount when you pass the toll stations in the periods 07-09 and 15-17

This does not apply to Trondheim-Stjørdal or fv.714 Laksevegen.

Maximum monthly charge

In Miljøpakken there is charged a maximum of 110 passages per month per vehicle attached to the agreement.

In E6 Trondheim-Stjørdal, fv.714 Laksevegen and Krinsvatn there is a maximum of 40 charged passings per station per month per vehicle registered on an agreement. 

In Namdalsprosjektet there is a maximum of 60 charged passing per month per vehicle registered to an agreement. 

Attention! If you have an agreement with deletion of data (anonymous / sporfri agreement) then you run the risk of not achieving the benefit of maximum montly charge.
A condition for receiving this benefit is that the tag is read at all passings and the data is transmitted in the correct order.


One hour rule

Miljøpakken consists of seven toll sections. You only pay for one passage if the same vehicle pass through several toll stations within the same toll section within 60 minutes.

You will need an agreement and a valid tag.

Attention! If you have an agreement with deleting the passing data (anonymous agreement) you risk not receiving the benefit of the one hour rule. A condition for receiving the one hour rule is that the tag is read at all passings and the data is transmitted in the correct order.

The one hour rule does not apply to E6 Trondheim-Stjørdal and fv. 714 Laksevegen.

How do I change my address?

If you have an agreement, you can change your address via "MyPage".

  • Log in to MyPage
  • Click on the brown field “Change profile”.
  • In the field “Address”, remove your old address and enter the new.
  • When this is done, press “Save”.

It is not required for the vehicle owner to be the same person as the agreement owner. For that reason, our agreement register is not connected to the National Population Register or the Register for Motor Vehicles.

If you do not have an agreement, it is not possible to change the invoicing address. We will collect information on ownership of the vehicle from the Register for Motor Vehicles.

How is the tag deposit refunded?

If you wish to have your tag deposit refunded, you can send the tag to us. To avoid that an active tag is registered in a toll station during transit, it can be wrapped in aluminum foil.

When we receive your tag, your agreement will be terminated and your deposit will be refunded. If you have a negative balance on your agreement, this will be deducted from your deposit.

Please note that a condition for the refund is that the tag is not physically damaged.

How do I terminate my agreement?

Send us a notification of termination via "MyPage" and return the tag.

As soon as we receive the tag, we will refund the tag deposit.

How do I make changes to my agreement?

You can change your agreement information via "MyPage".

By logging on to "MyPage" you can change your car registration number, your address and your email address.

My car/ license plates have been stolen. What do I do?

Please contact our customer center via "MyPage", and we will block the tag for further use.

If you wish to be refunded for passages charged, please send us a copy of the police report.

How do I proceed to acquire an exemption agreement?

If you are qualified for exemption, you can pass for free, as long as you have a valid exemption agreement.

The exemption arrangement is statutory and applies to: Buses in concessional routes, emergency vehicles, embassy vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles with fuel code 5 and disabled persons with valid parking permit.

If you have a parking permit for disabled persons, you are exempted from payment in toll projects connected to cities. There is no exemption given for road-, bridge- and tunnel projects.
There is payment exemption in Miljøpakken.

How to proceed to acquire an exemption agreement:

1. I have a regular agreement which I want to change to an exemption agreement: Send an inquiry via "MyPage". Please state your vehicle registration number, tag number and attach documentation.

2. I do not have an agreement: Register for a regular agreement online. Then send an inquiry via "MyPage", where you attach documentation and request for exemption.

When you register your parking permit or electric vehicle/hydrogen vehicle, you will automatically be exempted from payment where this applies.

Where can I use my AutoPASS-tag?

With a valid AutoPASS-agreement you can pass through all AutoPASS/EasyGO-projects, both in Norway and abroad.

Please see and for more information.

What is the cost of subscribing to an AutoPASS-agreement?

There is no extra cost for subscribing to an agreement, besides NOK 200 for the tag deposit.


What are the benefits of an agreement?

  • You receive an automatic discount in toll projects as listed in the table below.
  • You can pass through all AutoPASS/EasyGo-projects, both in Norway and abroad. All your passages will be invoiced directly from the company where you have your main agreement.
  • Via "MyPage" you can at all times see your balance and invoices, retrieve passage overviews, make changes to your agreement etc.

How can I verify that I receive the discount I am entitled to?

You can collect details about the passages on your agreement via "MyPage".

I don’t get a light signal when passing, what could be the reason?

If there is no light signal when passing a toll station, there could be several explanations:

  • The vehicle has a windshield preventing the tag from being read (see Car models – where should I attach the tag?)
  • Your tag's battery voltage is low
  • A temporary fault on the toll station
  • The AutoPASS agreement is not valid

If you are in doubt whether your agreement is valid, we recommend you log on to My Page and check your agreement's status.

No light signal will be altered to a symbol of a camera in a short period of time, and have the same meaning as described above.

How do I log on to My Page?

Log in to MyPage, fill in username (the same as your customer number) and password.

If you don’t have your username and password, please see: I have forgotten my username and password, what do I do?

I don’t have access to my passage details.

If you cannot access your passage details on My Page, it could be because you have requested automatic deletion of you passage details («untraceable agreement») when you subscribed for an agreement with us. This means that all passage details on your subscription will be automatically deleted once the passage is charged to your account.

If you wish to have details of your future passages, please contact us via My Page or chat.

I have received an invoice for a vehicle I have sold.

If you have sold your vehicle, but neglected to notify the toll collection agency, you risk receiving invoices for passages made by the new owner.

Your agreement is tied to your licence plate number. If you do not notify the toll collection agency about the transfer from one car to another, you will still receive invoices for your old vehicle.

You have to notify us directly when you change vehicles or wish to terminate a vehicle. You can easily do this via My Page.

How do I subscribe for an AutoPASS-agreement?

You can subscribe for an agreement/account in the following ways:

Subscribe for an agreement online

Please note that it might take a few days before your subscription is registered in our system.

The agreement is valid from the day you subscribe, even if you have not yet received your onboard unit (tag). It will normally take approximately 7 – 10 working days from when you subscribe online until you receive your tag in the mail.