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Invoice related questions with answers

Where do I find an overview over my invoices and my payment information?

If you have an agreement, you will find an overview of your invoices and your payment information on MyPage.

Click on the agreement in question, for instance “Account no. 1″. Your latest invoices will be at the bottom of the page, where you will also find payment information. By pressing “Show” you can see the invoice, the passages and appendix with VAT-refund if available.

Can I receive invoices by email?

We will automatically send an email invoice to the customers who have registered an email address on their agreement. The email contains a link to your invoice information.
You choose how you wish to pay the invoice.

If you do not press the link within three days, we will automatically send your invoice per mail, Digipost or eFaktura. (inside of Norway.)

For outside of Norway, se How to pay

Remember to keep your contact information updated. You can make changes via MyPage.

How can I receive invoices through Digipost?

Digipost is a digital alternative to the current physical mailbox.

If you don’t have eFaktura or Avtalegiro (direct debit), we recommend that you read more about Digipost and register on

You will then be able to receive invoices in your digital mailbox, and you will receive noifications by email or text message.

How do I find the VAT amount on the invoice?

Road tolls does not charge VAT, but there is VAT on ferries and on passages in certain foreign toll companies.

If you have received an invoice with passages containing VAT, you can print the appendix by logging on to MyPage. Right click the invoice, and under “Skriv ut faktura” (“Print invoice”) choose “Bilag momsref” (“Appendix VAT refund”).

How do I order eFaktura/AvtaleGiro?

You can easily arrange to have an agreement for eFaktura or AvtaleGiro (direct debit) in your online bank.

The next time you pay an invoice from us in your online bank, you will be asked if you wish to make an agreement for eFaktura/AvtaleGiro. Please confirm this, and you will receive the next invoice as eFaktura/Avtalegiro.

Your reference for eFaktura is your customer number with a zero added in front.

Read more on and

I am qualified for exemption, but still receive invoices.

For free passages in our toll projects, you have to subscribe for an exemption agreement.

With an exemption agreement you will no longer receive invoices for passages in toll projects where you are exempted from payment.

How to subscribe for an exemption agreement.

How can I verify that I receive the discount I am entitled to?

You can easily collect details about the passages on your agreement via My Page.

How often will I receive an invoice?

If you have a prepaid agreement you will receive invoices based on your usage. A new invoice will be sent when your balance is under 25% of prepaid amount.

If you have a post-payment agreement, you will receive an invoice each month provided you have passed for more than NOK 400. If the amount on the invoice is less than NOK 400, we will await sending the invoice for up to three months.

If you do not have an agreement, invoices will be sent every other month.

I don’t have access to my passage details.

If you cannot access your passage details on My Page, it could be because you have requested automatic deletion of you passage details («untraceable agreement») when you subscribed for an agreement with us. This means that all passage details on your subscription will be automatically deleted once the passage is charged to your account.

If you wish to have details of your future passages, please contact us via My Page or chat.

I have received an invoice for a vehicle I have sold.

If you have sold your vehicle, but neglected to notify the toll collection agency, you risk receiving invoices for passages made by the new owner.

Your agreement is tied to your licence plate number. If you do not notify the toll collection agency about the transfer from one car to another, you will still receive invoices for your old vehicle.

You have to notify us directly when you change vehicles or wish to terminate a vehicle. You can easily do this via My Page.

I have received an invoice for a passage in a toll station where I haven’t been. What has happened?

If you have received an invoice for a passage in a toll station where you haven’t been, it might be that the licence plate has been misread.

If the vehicle does not have an AutoPASS-tag, the licence plate is photographed during the passage. Errors can occur where the system misreads a number or a letter, with the consequence that a vehicle owner can receive an invoice for passages he or she did not make.

If you think this has happened to you, please contact our customer service centre on email.