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"My page" related questions with answers

How can I login to "My page"?

In order to log in, you must have an e-mail address.

Norwegian private - and business customers and those who have a D-number must use «Log in».

After you have chosen «Log in», the following site will appear:



Where do I find an overview over my invoices and my payment information?

If you have an agreement, you will find an overview of your invoices and your payment information on "My page".

Click on the agreement in question, for instance “Account no. 1″. Your latest invoices will be at the bottom of the page, where you will also find payment information. By pressing “Show invoice” you can see the invoice, the passages and appendix with VAT-refund if available.

How do I terminate my agreement?

Termination of the agreement must be in written form, either by chat or e-mail. The tag must be returned for the tag deposit to be refunded. The tag can be returned to one of our service stations, or mailed to us to our adress.

If all tags connected to an agreement is returned, the agreement will be automatically terminated.

How do I remove a vehicle from the agreement?

Login to "MyPage". You can remove the vehicle from your agreement by clicking on the red box “Fjern Kjøretøy” (“Remove Vehicle”). Fill in which vehicle you wish to remove, and then click “Fjern” (“Remove”).

Please note that the tag is still active and you can be charged for passages with the tag. The tag must be removed from the car.

By returning the tag to us, the agreement on the vehicle will be terminated and the tag deposit will be refunded.

If you wish to use the tag in different car, you can keep the tag and re-open it again on the new vehicle.

How do I collect passage details?

Passage details can be collected on My Page.

Click on the agreement in question. If you require passage details for a specific period, click on “Vis passeringer” (“Show passages”).

If you require passages connected to a specific invoice, click “Vis” (“Show”) on the invoice in question.

How do I add a vehicle to an existing agreement?

Log on to "My page". Under Header "Tags and Vehicles" you can choose “Add vehicle”. Enter information regarding the vehicle and press "proceed".

How do I change the registered vehicle on my agreement?

You can easily change your registered vehicle on MyPage, remember to make the change within three working days.

  • Log in to MyPage.
  • Click the light blue field “Edit number plate”.
  • Fill in the relevant information and click “Complete”.
  • The change is registered.

Forgotten your password? Have it sent to you by email.

How do I change my address?

If you have an agreement, you can easily change your address via MyPage.

  • Log in to MyPage
  • Click on the brown field “Change profile”.
  • In the field “Address”, remove your old address and enter the new.
  • When this is done, press “Save”.

It is not required for the vehicle owner to be the same person as the agreement owner. For that reason, our agreement register is not connected to the National Population Register or the Register for Motor Vehicles.

If you do not have an agreement, it is not possible to change the invoicing address. We will collect information on ownership of the vehicle from the Register for Motor Vehicles.

I did not receive the email with my password, why?

It might take some time before you receive the password.

If you do not receive the password, the email might be in your spam-filter, or you have a different email address registered on your agreement.

Plase contact us via chat (open Monday through Friday, 08 – 16) to register your new email address.

I have forgotten my customer number and password, what do I do?

You can have your password and username sent to you here.

Please fill inn either your customer number or your email address, and login details will be sent to you.

Please note: if you have changed your email address since you subscribed, or do not have an email address registered on your agreement, we recommend that you contact us via Chat (open Monday through Friday, 08 – 16). We will register your email address so you can have login details sent to you.

How do I log on to My Page?

Log in to MyPage, fill in username (the same as your customer number) and password.

If you don’t have your username and password, please see: I have forgotten my username and password, what do I do?