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Tag related questions with answers

How can I use my tag abroad?

EasyGo is a service which gives you the opportunity to use your AutoPASS tag in toll stations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The toll stations included in the service in Denmark and Sweden are the Storebælt bridge, Øresund bridge and some ferry connections.

EasyGo+ is a service for vehicles over 3,5 tonnes that allows the same tag to be used in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. This is an tag issued from BroBizz in Denmark. If you already have an AutoPass tag, you change this for the EasyGo+ tag. You must notify your toll company in Norway about the new EasyGO+ tag.

In the EasyGo+ tag the number plate number, nationality and Euro emission category personalised.The number of axles has to be set on the tag by the driver to indicate the correct number of axles when driving in Austria.

Read more about EasyGo at


Car model – where do I attach the tag?

The tag should be attacted to the inside of the windshield, behind the mirror. Please follow the directions which were came along with the tag.

In some car models, the tag must be attached in a different location for the tag to be read while passing through the toll station. For correct location, please contact your car dealership.

Below you will find a selection of car models, and the recommended location of the tag:

Audi A8 – The bottom left or right corner of the windshield.

Chevrolet Lumina – A pocket under the hood of the car, or the weight distribution panel over the radiator.

Citroen Xantia - The tag should be attached under the black field.

Citroen C5 - The tag should be attached to the lighter field behind the mirror.

Ford Focus – Heating wire. Attach the tag horizontally in the bottom right corner.

MB S Series - UV filter. Attach the tag on the small square at the top of the windshield, or attach the tag behind the grill.

Opel Sintra – Has a radio antennae at the top of the windshield. The tag should be attached here.

Opel Zafira (some models) – The tag should be placed on the dark, oblong dotted field behind the mirror.

Pontiac Trans - A pocket under the hood of the car, or the weight distribution panel over the radiator.

Renault Clio - At the bottom of the windshield.

Renault Kango – Dotted field at the top of the windshield. See against sunlight, you will see two squares in the dotted field. The square on the right is recommended.

Renault Laguna - UV-filter. The tag should be attached at the dotted field by the mirror.

Renault Scenic – Dotted field. Attach the tag over the mirror fastening on the dotted field.

Peugeot (all 2000-2001 models) – Attach the tag to the dotted field behind the mirror.

Toyota Hiace - 7 cm over the dashboard.

VW Sharan - The bottom left or right corner of the windshield.

VW Transporter - 7 cm over the dashboard, or underneath the bar for keeping the hood open.

How and where do I install the tag?

Click here for a manual on how to install your tag.

New tag (summer of 2014):

Old tag:

How is the tag deposit refunded?

If you wish to have your tag deposit refunded, you can send the tag to us or return it to one of our service stations. To avoid that an active tag is registered in a toll station during transit, it can be wrapped in aluminum foil.

When we receive your tag, your agreement will be terminated and your deposit will be refunded. If you have a negative balance on your agreement, this will be deducted from your deposit.

Please note that a condition for the refund is that the tag is not physically damaged.

How do I terminate my agreement?

Send us a notification of termination via My Page and return the tag.

As soon as we receive the tag, we will refund the tag deposit.

How do I find my tag number?

The location of the tag number depends on what kind of tag you have.

The number on old Norwegian tags is after L: and consists of ten digits. Example: L: 01 2345678 9

The number on new Norwegian tags consists of sixteen digits.