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How to pay for foreign cars

This is how you can pay for cars that are registered in a country other than Norway


1. Sign an autoPASS subscription and register the car on epass24 (ParkTrade Europe AB).

With an autoPASS agreement, you get a full discount, hourly rule and monthly ceiling.

You are invoiced from the tag-issuer and have access to the invoices online at "My Pages".

After you have registered the car with epass24, Park Trade will forward environmental data to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for correct pricing.

Without registration with epass24, you will be invoiced for the highest rate at the toll station, in tariff group 1 or 2.


2. Register an epass24 account without a autoPASS tag.

Registration of an epass 24 account is optional, but will provide easy access to the invoices.

It also makes it possible to add automatic payments.

If you choose not to register a payent account, the registered car owner will be invoiced in their home country.