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AutoPASS related questions with answers

What discount do I receive in other toll stations?

With AutoPASS you receive the following discounts (please note that vehicles over 3500 kg are defined as heavy, vehicles under 3500 kg are defined as light):

10% for both light and heavy vehicles:

  • Oslo/Bærum (environmentally differentiated tolls - please se Fjellinjens home page for further information).
  • Bypakke Grenland
  • Bypakke Nedre Glomma
  • Fv. 33 Oppland
  • E39 Listerpakken
  • Eksportvegen
  • Ferry Fosen
  • Ferry Brekstad-Valset
  • Ferry Moss-Horten
  • Ferry Anda-Lote
  • Ferry Mortavika - Årsvågen
  • Ferry Bognes - Skraberget
  • Ferry Drag - Kjøpsvik
  • Ferry Halhjem - Sandvikvåg

20% for light vehicles, no discount for heavy vehicles:

  • Rv 4 Oppland
  • E6 Gardermoen - Moelv
  • E16 Kongsvingervegen
  • Østfold bompengeselskap
  • E16 Oppland
  • E6 Oppland
  • Fv.34 Oppland
  • Bypakke Grenland
  • E18 Vestfold
  • Hallingporten
  • E6 Ringebu-Otta
  • Kristiansand
  • Bømlopakken
  • Nord Jæren
  • T-forbindelsen
  • Førdepakken
  • Askøypakken
  • E134 Åkrafjorden
  • Halsnøy
  • Haugalandspakken
  • Hardanger bridge
  • Jondalstunnel
  • Bergen (environmentally differentiated tolls - please se Bomringen i Bergen's home page for further information)
  • Fosenvegen
  • Fv. 714 Laksevegen
  • E6 Trondheim - Stjørdal
  • Namdalsprosjektet
  • Trondheim
  • E6 Helgeland
  • Helgeland
  • Hålogaland bridge
  • Veipakke Salten
  • Harstad
  • Ryaforbindelsen

Other discount for both light and heavy vehicles:

  • Svinesund 13%

0% discount for both light and heavy vehicles - to achieve a discount you need to subscribe to an additional agreement with the relevant toll company.

  • Gausdalsvegen
  • Finnfast
  • Gjesdal
  • Kvam
  • Voss

For a total overview please see

Discounts are dependent of a valid AutoPASS tag being registered at the passing.


How is the AutoPASS-solution adapted to tourists?

Visitors Payment is the tourist solution for paying toll fees in Norway.

For more information, see

Overview toll stations Miljøpakken/E6/E39

Toll stations Miljøpakken

Toll section East
1. Være

Toll section by Sluppen
2. Nord for Sluppen bru (Tempevn)
3. Bjørndalen (Oslovn)
4. Nedre Leifoss (Fossetuvn)

Toll section South
5. Klett E6 Storlerbakken
6. Klett fv. 707

Toll section around Omkjøringsveien
7. Rv706 Leangensletta (West of Omkjøringsvegen)
8. Haakon VIIs gt (West of Omkjøringsvegen)
9. Landbruksvegen (by IKEA)
10. Tungasletta (South of Bromstadvegen)
11. Moholt (Brøsetvegen/Jonsvannveien)
12. Torbjørn Bratts veg (North of Omkjøringsvegen)
13. Bratsbergveien (North of Omkjøringsvegen)
14. Tempeveien (North of Sluppenvegen)
15. Kroppan bru (North/South)

Bomsnitt Byåsen
16. Bøckmans veg (North of Svalevegen)
17. Byåsvegen (South of Havstadvegen)
18. Gamle Oslovei (North of Skavlandsveg)

Bomsnitt Klæbu
19. Fv 885 Tillerbrua
20. Fv 704 Torgårdsletta

Bomsnitt Tonstad
21. Tonstad (North/E6 Main road/South)

Toll stations E39 Øysand-Thamshamn

1. Fv. 800 Thamshamn (North Litlsanda)
2. E39 Thamshamn (sandplassen)
3. Buvika (E39 Øysand)
4. Fv. 800 Øysand

Toll stations E6 Øst Trondheim-Stjørdal

1. Ranheim
2. Leistad
3. Hommelvik

Read more about One hour rule*, Maximum monthly charge and time-differentiated rates.

How do I subscribe for an AutoPASS-agreement?

You can subscribe for an agreement/account here.

Please note that it might take a few days before your subscription is registered in our system.

The agreement is valid from the day you subscribe, even if you have not yet received your onboard unit (tag). It will normally take approximately 7 – 10 working days from when you subscribe online until you receive your tag in the mail.


What is AutoPASS?

AutoPASS is the Norwegian solution for electronic payment of toll fees.

For more information, see

Can I use my tag abroad?

EasyGo is a service which gives you the opportunity to use your AutoPASS tag in toll stations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The toll stations included in the service in Denmark and Sweden are the Storebælt bridge, Øresund bridge and some ferry connections.

EasyGo+ is a service for vehicles over 3,5 tons that allows the same tag to be used in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. This is a tag issued from BroBizz in Denmark. If you already have an AutoPass tag, you can change this for the EasyGo+ tag. You must notify your toll company in Norway about the new EasyGO+ tag.

In the EasyGo+ tag the plate number, nationality and Euro emission category is personalised.The number of axles has to be set on the tag by the driver to indicate the correct number of axles when driving in Austria.

Read more about EasyGo at