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Exemption related questions with answers

Exemption from tolls in toll rings for people with reduced mobility

The toll company may, upon application, grant an exemption for people with reduced mobility in toll rings. The exemption does not apply in other toll stations.

Holders of a parking permit with a validity of at least two years in accordance with regulations on parking permits for people with reduced mobility may be granted an exemption. The exemption require the use of an autoPASS tag and a valid AutoPASS subscription. The exemption is linked to one car and the tag can not be moved between cars without changing the subscription. The subscription can not be changed so that the exemption holder can use the tag in several vehicles. If the exemption holder has several vehicles, one must choose the vehicle that is most appropriate to have the exemption attached to.

Foreign nationals who are disabled and who can present proof marked with the international symbol for disabled people and the name of the person entitled or the identification mark on the vehicle may receive a corresponding exemption.

Parents with children with reduced mobility, where the child has a parking permit, can, upon application to the toll company, gett the exemption on two cars and tags.

Children are in this context defined as persons under 18 years of age.

The parking permit and the AutoPASS subscription must be in the same name. The exception is when children under 18 years of age.

An application for exemption for tolls in toll rings must be sent to the toll company. The application must contain name, e-mail address / telephone number, car number and tag number. In addition, a copy of the front and back of the parking permit must be attached, as well as a confirmation from the tag issuer that the vehicle has a valid subscription for AutoPASS.

Application for exemption can be sent to:
Email: kontakt@vegamot.no
Post: Vegamot AS, Postboks 1905 Moholt, 7448 Trondheim 

An application for exemption from tolls in toll rings is treated as an individual decision, cf. the Public Administration Act §2 third paragraph and can be appealed within 3 weeks, cf. the Public Administration Act §29. Complaints are sent to kontakt@vegamot.no. If the decision is upheld, the complaint can be forwarded to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, firmapost@vegvesen.no.

Exemption for tolls in toll rings is regulated in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's Guide for Toll Projects, Chapter 6.3.6 Exemption Schemes, and Tariff Guidelines for Toll Projects on Public Roads, Section 11. Note in particular the following:

  • The exemption can only be linked to one AutoPASS tag
  • The exemption schemes require a valid AutoPASS subscription
  • Exemption schemes do not have retroactive effect.