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Rate group 1

Vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of up to and including 3,500 kilograms, as well as all vehicles regardless of weight in vehicle group M1 with a valid AutoPASS agreement.

Tolls Full price Postpayment
Krinsvatn​ kr. 49,00 kr. 39,20 (-20%)


Rate group 2

Vehicles with a maximum permitted weight from and including 3,501 kilograms, with the exception of vehicles registered in vehicle group M1 with a valid AutoPASS agreement.

Bomstasjoner Full price Postpayment
Krinsvatn kr. 117,00 kr. 117,00

Monthly ceiling: 
Monthly ceiling means that you pay for a maximum number of passings in a calendar month per. vehicles on a autoPASS subscription. For FV. 715 Krinsvatn, there is a monthly ceiling of 40 passings per toll station for vehicles in tariff group 1. The monthly ceiling does not apply to tariff group 2. The monthly ceiling presupposes an autoPASS subscription and a valid tag.

Hourly rule: Hourly rule means that you only pay for one toll per hour, even if you pass several tolls within this hour. The time rule does not apply on FV.715 Krinsvatn.

We refer to the general terms and conditions of the AutoPASS agreement:

2.9 The customer is entitled to  discount and any exemption for passings when the tag has been registered and the subscripiton is valid. You lose the right to discounts and exemptions when the subscripiton is blocked, in the event of a credit limit being exceeded, when unpaid claims are sent for collection or in the event of a wrong address, Invoices are then sent to the vehicle owner.