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Invoice related questions with answers

Consent is made either by pressing "Yes, thank you to everyone" in the online bank (the function can have different names), or by having the function "Always Vipps e-invoice" active in the app «Vipps».

When this is activated, invoice providers who offer eFaktura can send invoices automatically to the online bank without a separate agreement being created.

If the function "Always VIPPS eInvoice" is activated in the VIPPS App, the invoice will also be delivered on VIPPS

This is an agreement between the customer and its bank connection. If an invoice is not delivered in this way, the function must be deactivated.

To disable the feature:

Online banking: Go to «settings», cancel the function or contact your bank connection

VIPPS: Go to «profile» - «Bills and eInvoice» - deactivate the function «Always VIPPS eInvoice»

You can easily create an e-Invoice in your online bank.

The next time you pay an invoice from us, you will be asked if you want to create an agreement with e-invoice. Confirm this and you will receive the next invoice as an e-Invoice.

Invoice is sent according to priority:

  1. EHF (Electronic Trading Format for Company)
  2. E-Invoice / VIPPS eInvoice
  3. Digipost
  4. Post

An invoice is sent to the first active channel that is registered.

This means that the system will first try EHF, if the customer does not have this, try E-invoice and so on. If you want to receive an invoice on Digipost, you must register with Digipost.

To be entitled to an exemption for payment of tolls, you must have a valid AutoPASS subscription and the exemption registered on the tag.

If you have registered an exemption subscription, but still receive an invoice for passings, this may be due to:

  • The AutoPASS subscription or tag has been blocked
  • The exemption has expired
  • Changed car without changing the AutoPASS subscription

Please contact us if you recive an invoice for passings that should be exempted

If you have received an invoice for a passing somewhere you have not been, it may be that the registration number has been registered incorrectly.

If the vehicle does not have an AutoPASS tag or this has not been registered, we take a picture of the licenseplate when passing. It can happen that the system misinterprets numbers or letters, with the consequence that as a motorist you can get an invoice for passing you have not made.

If this appears to have happened in your case, you can contact us here.

Vehicles that are transported through the toll on a tow truck must remember to remove the tag from the vehicle so that the tag is not registered when passing.

If the vehicle passes without a tag, a photo of the car is taken, and the photo of the vehicle will be deleted.

If a vehicle passes with a tag, no picture will be taken of the car. Then there is also no possibility to verify that this vehicle did not pass the toll booth on its own wheels.

For information, a vehicle that is towed through the toll will have to pay for the passage.

The rule is that a vehicle that passes the toll with all four wheels on the ground must pay for the passing.