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Toll stations related questions with answers

Overview toll stations fv. 714 Laksevegen

Toll stations fv. 714 Laksevegen

There are two toll stations on fv. 714:

  • Valslag
  • Våvatnet

Overview toll stations Miljøpakken/E6

Toll stations Miljøpakken

Toll section East
1. Være

Toll section by Sluppen
2. Nord for Sluppen bru (Tempevn)
3. Bjørndalen (Oslovn)
4. Nedre Leifoss (Fossetuvn)

Toll section South
5. Klett E6 Storlerbakken
6. Klett fv. 707

Toll section around Omkjøringsveien
7. Rv706 Leangensletta (West of Omkjøringsvegen)
8. Haakon VIIs gt (West of Omkjøringsvegen)
9. Landbruksvegen (by IKEA)
10. Tungasletta (South of Bromstadvegen)
11. Moholt (Brøsetvegen/Jonsvannveien)
12. Torbjørn Bratts veg (North of Omkjøringsvegen)
13. Bratsbergveien (North of Omkjøringsvegen)
14. Tempeveien (North of Sluppenvegen)
15. Kroppan bru (North/South)

Bomsnitt Byåsen
16. Bøckmans veg (North of Svalevegen)
17. Byåsvegen (South of Havstadvegen)
18. Gamle Oslovei (North of Skavlandsveg)

Bomsnitt Klæbu
19. Fv 885 Tillerbrua
20. Fv 704 Torgårdsletta

Bomsnitt Tonstad
21. Tonstad (North/E6 Main road/South)

Toll stations E6 Øst Trondheim-Stjørdal

1. Ranheim
2. Leistad
3. Hommelvik

Time-differentiated rates

Time-differentiated rates

In Miljøpakken the rates are time-differentiated. This means that passages made in the time periods 07-09 and 15-17 are charged differently (rush hour).

  • Tollstations that costs kr 15,00 is charged kr 30,00 in the time periods 07:00-09:00 and 15:00-17:00 (vehicles below 3.500 kg). With AutoPASS-agreement it is 20% discount.
  • Tollstations that costs kr 11,00 is charged kr 14,00 in the time periods 07:00-09:00 and 15:00-17:00 (vehicles below 3.500 kg). With AutoPASS-agreement it is 20% discount.

This does not apply to Trondheim-Stjørdal or fv.714 Laksevegen.

Monthly passing limit

Monthly passing limit

In Miljøpakken there is charged a maximum of 110 passages per month per vehicle attached to the agreement.

 If you have an agreement with deletion of data (anonymous/untrackable agreement) you run the risk of not achieving the benefit of maximum montly charge.
A condition for receiving this benefit is that the tag is read at all passages and the data is transmitted in the correct order.

The maximum monthly charge on E6 Trondheim-Stjørdal and fv.714 Laksevegen is 40 passages per tollstation.